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EO is effective ownership which is a measure of the effective percentage each player contributes to the average with.

To see league statistics, please choose a league from the live leagues page. You will need to have inserted your FPL id in the rank page.

Live data updates every 30 seconds.

EO is a mix of percentage of managers starting the player + percentage captaining him + percentage triple captaining him

EO > Ownership means this player is heavily captained. EO < Ownership means this player is heavily benched.


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Effective Ownership Stats, All Players with EO >10%
Player EO Owned by Live Points mmm
Captaincy Stats
Player Captaincy Live Points Live Points Live Points
Chips (& which chip users scored more total points)
Chip Used Percentage Live Total Points mmm
Triple Captains
Player TC Live Points mmm mmm mmm